Welcome to Corruption Alliance Forum! Yes, we are a new clan and we look forward to grow our clan through out this journey. Enjoy your stay!

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    Corruption Alliance

    Post  Justinn on April 18th 2009, 10:00 am

    Dear members,

    Welcome to Corruption Alliance, Official Clan Forum. First off, I would like to tell you, that we are a new clan and we hope to grow as our journey continues. Second off, I'm going to tell you a little background about Corruption Alliance. We are a Runescape Private Server Clan, currently we play in the server called PvP Planet. If you would like to play with us, visit www.Jinrake.com. Thirdly, we are a clan based on MATURITY level and COMMITMENT. We like to keep our members ORGANIZED and DISCIPLINED as well. We do not accept anyone lower than 14, due to maturity level and commitment. If you are below 14 and perhaps you may have a nice maturity level and commitment, we will discuss with one another. Fourthly, our clan economy is wealthy and quite rich. We supply our members with the best fit gear for wars. No beggars will be accepted and or poor players. Why no poor players, due to leaching our clan's economy. Fifthly, a little about me Justin Jauod the founder of this clan. I am responsible, mature, committing, confident, strict, caring, and understanding person. Get to know me, perhaps we will become good friends. Overall I take this clan into serious matters at times and yes not only serious matters we do like to have fun as well, but mainly this clan is strict so get use to it. Lastly, I would like to thank you for reading this and visiting our website. Remember Corruption Alliance cares about you!

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    Post  Cab on April 18th 2009, 1:31 pm

    BEAST afro

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